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Why not list your property, completely free on this website, just email your details and images to us and we will do the rest.
This is a permanent swap website and not a holiday or vacation property swap service.

Any property type is welcome as long as you are willing to possibly accept a swap, exchange, trade or a combination of property swap with cash, car, or other package deal, but I suppose if someone comes and offers cash, you can accept that also :).

Submit a listing, its free and easy!

Listing (and removal once sold) on our website is free, it does NOT attract a monthly or yearly fee at the moment, this may change in the future (no plans as yet), but any listing already on our site will be free until you remove it, only properties added after the announcement of a charge will attract a listing charge, so if you list now, its free for you because you are in at the beginning.

  • The property details should be formatted properly, spell checked, good grammar and look good with all the useful and relevant information in it you would expect to see on a typical property listing website.
  • Help potential swappers by including what you are looking to swap for, so another property, location, car, money, combination? Let us know.
  • Pricing, we need a rough price of your property so people can estimate and see if their swap property is suitable and in the price range.
  • Images can be attached to the email, please make sure they are of a decent size and compressed. There is a limit on emails being sent and received so images must not be larger than 1Mb each and your email must not exceed 10Mb in size.
  • We will require more information, but will get this from you via return email but the above information is a way to initiate the listing process.
  • Checkout our existing listings for a guide on the information that will be useful to include in your email to us.
  • Listings could take up to 48 hours to be live on our site as it is a manual process to check and add the information.

Email to: [email protected]
All we ask from you is to share your property listing on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, everywhere you can.

Remove your property listing

It is even easier to remove your property listing, just email us on [email protected] with the address of the property you have registered with us and we will remove the property for you, note that we require the address you send us to be the same address of the property listed in our database for the removal, this is a security check to make sure other people are not removing your listing.
This is also completely free.